a perfect moment

i talk a lot about great days, great evenings, great moments. because i have them a lot. i'm a super lucky person with amazing friends and a good job and school and everything. but even for lucky people, truly perfect moments are incredibly rare. it's rare for them to happen, and even rarer to recognize one while you're in the middle of it.

last night i had a perfect moment.

at my favorite wine bar with many of my favorite people and we bought a bottle of champagne with money my parents sent me and filled all the glasses for a toast (to ME!) and just as we filled the last glasses one of my favorite songs by my favorite band started playing. this song that just pulls at your heart anyway but right then...

and i almost started crying.
because how do you even react when you realize you're in a perfect moment?

it hurts a little. it fills you up and you know you can't hold onto it for more than a few seconds and so you just try to restrain time a little and let everything expand and you laugh helpless because you can't really think.

perfect moments always seem to have a soundtrack.

and today i wanted to stand on my office chair and sing la marsellaise.
and monday i'm going to hike muddy marin waterfall trails.
and god damn if it isn't a beautiful world.