stuff and things

right now it is overcast and lightly snowing in ithaca.
today i rsvp'ed for the cornell open house.

if i think about it a little i get really excited because there are a lot of great things about the school. if i think about it a lot i start to get nervous because my dream department is here, my life is here.

today i had my pupils dilated and it was nice because for awhile things were fuzzy and toobright and so i could just sit there and stare vacantly at things i couldn't even see. instead of feeling like i should be reading my syntax textbook, for example. it was like listening to the cocteau twins or something, you can't understand a damn thing they're saying so you are free to just tune out a little and enjoy things on a less cerebral, more sensory level.

this weekend is bls and tomorrow i'm going to see my new minicrush give a talk.
i told him i would sit in the front row and heckle.
and when he smiles it touches every part of his face.