college and dwight

i always knew it was gonna happen. i used to write about it even, that noise. the conditioned response.

the thing about skateboards is they all seem to sound a little different. i knew the sound of his, low fast and rough. whenever i'd hear one like it i'd have to casually look over my shoulder hoping it was him. lately i haven't been looking but tonight i was running up near campus and i heard it low and rough spiral to a stop across the street and a few beats and "hey...amy!" a voice i haven't heard in several months but it's not like you forget.

and i guess i had a second to stop and turn and wave or something...something allowing a conversation to start but i just. didn't.

there was no noise of him kicking off, i had a feeling he was watching me run away and so at the next corner i just turned. and kept going until i was home.

sorry, david.
this sucks but right now the last thing i need is you.
the world is confusing enough.
but i'm glad to know you're alive and around.