the dreamlife of linguists

in my dream, months had gone by with no word from berkeley on funding. finally it came in the form of a printed out excel spreadsheet with everyone's awards. all the other people had tens of thousands of dollars plus tuition support. i had no award whatsoever, i even had to pay full tuition. i was sitting around crying about it when i realized that the school year was starting and i didn't have a schedule and my nemesis-turned-mentor had forgotten that i was a student there and i knew i should go to class but i didn't know where or when, and so i just kept riding bart around and around but it would never stop at the right place.

i've been accepted and nominated for a fellowship at suny. i decided to apply there because i thought talmy was still teaching, but it turned out that he retired at the end of the year. he's hanging around berkeley now, i sat right next to him at bls.

it is comforting that my waking reality is better than my dreamlife.
and that my dreams are absolutely transparent.