computers vs. other computers vs. humans

amy: i love macs but they're kind of frustrating too
will: o?
amy: their specs are...underwhelming
amy: so you have to spend a bunch of money beefing them up
amy: then again, i got the low end mac, so.
will: well i still can't stand how other laptops look.
will: i really don't think it's that hard to design a good looking piece of hardware.
will: so if a company can't get the look right, i don't trust it..
amy: i would guess that the people designing the hardware don't actually care so much about aesthetics
amy: in general
amy: and yeah macs look a lot better than anything else but they're also way more expensive and with less memory, disk space, and wimpier processors. in general.
amy: but i love them
amy: strange
will: well not anymore ..
will: with those intel macs.
amy: wha?
amy: intel...macs?
will: whoa.
will: where have you been?
amy: in a grad school dream
will: the new powerbooks are running on intel processors.
will: go to their webpage.
will: or anywhere.
amy: oh okay
amy: i don't normally pay attention to such things
will: and yet you read about giant bunnies on mischa's blog.
amy: yes, i like to keep tabs on people
amy: computers, not so much