suddenly everything changes

From: Gary xxxxxxx
To: Amy xxxxxxxx
Date: Feb 5, 2006 10:47 PM
Subject: admission to graduate program

Dear Ms. Campbell,

I write on behalf of the Department of Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley, to inform you that we have recommended you for admission into our graduate program in linguistics. (Technically, at Berkeley, departments only "recommend" admission and the Graduate Division makes actual offers.) Congratulations! -- We were extremely impressed with your application and your career to date, and we hope we will be able to persuade you to join us in the coming academic year. (This was a very competitive applicant pool; we had 153 applicants and a targeted incoming class size of 9.)

At Berkeley the system of funding graduate students is complex, and we cannot make financial support offers at the same time we make admissions offers...


etc.etc. on and on about funding and open houses and who i can contact with questions and that kind of thing but since my brain is vibrating a little (a lot) right now i will have to figure that stuff out later.

i read it over an hour ago and i'm still shaking

omg i just did that thing where you lie on your back and frantically wave and kick your arms and legs around

i'm running around my apartment like a crazy person
what will the neighbors think?

hi, my name is amy and i am a ph.d student at uc berkeley.