about a car, part five: the conclusion

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part 2: redux
part 3: easy come, easy go
part 4: in which i meet a repo man

so i was rollin' down the street today in my '87 accord, rockin' the simon and garfunkel cassette tape that i inherited along with the car. life was good.

yeah, that's right, my car is back & it's gonna kick your ass.

it's amazing how easy it is to get places when you have a car. you forget that, after awhile. then you're like wait...i can go down whatever road i want? i don't have to pay a fare? this is SWEET! it's great when the small things make you feel like the king of the world.

i'm still trying to figure out what to do with the old gascap. whoever stole it shot a bunch of holes in the old gastank so my car has a brand new one, but the mechanic kindly left me the old cap on my dashboard. as a trophy, i suppose. it's quite fabulous and goes perfectly with the torqued screwdriver i grabbed from the passenger seat the day we picked it up from the impound lot. yes, folks, i have in my possession the screwdriver that was used to hotwire my baby! i'm thinking shadowbox, i'm thinking display case of some sort.

i wonder what i should name my car.
anyone have any ideas? it's white with brown seats. very retro. broken antenna and the kind of lights that pop up out of the hood. and it's kinda smooooooth, it makes you wanna make out with someone. but i guess that could just be me.

maybe i should call it barry white, haha.