about a car

dear internet,

it's not that i don't love you anymore.
it's just that my internet (uh, you?) has been down at home.
and i haven't been at work since monday.
and i have midterms starting tomorrow.
and my mom is coming today.
and my dog ate my...internet?

but i still love you. for reals.
it's not you. it's me.
you look really pretty today though.
make me a sandwich?

today i want to tell you something about my crazy beautiful ridiculous generous annoying loveable family.

they're giving me a car. it belonged to my "grandma" alice. who is not related to me at all. see my parents have these best friends. d & k. i've known them my whole life, me & my brother grew up with their kids. we spent holidays together, took trips. in every way that counts they're more my family than most of my "real" aunts/uncles/cousins. they're second parents.

k's sister judy lives about a mile from where i live now. when my family & i weren't talking, she would have me over for thanksgiving, christmas, random times. she and her husband have been very very good to me. they also have a brother who lives in walnut creek, and another sister who lives in nyc.

alice is the mother of these four siblings. she does things like send me cards that say "love, grandma alice" with ten dollar bills stuck inside. she's 90 and has had two mild strokes. and she has some dementia and gets confused and tired easily. she shouldn't be driving at all but would get really angry whenever anyone talked about taking her car away.

but she agreed to give it to me.
because judy told her i need a car.

so all these people...they've had their mechanics work on it. they drove it from minneapolis to fargo and back to minneapolis. then judy's brother flew to minneapolis and is driving it out here. right now. he made it to laramie, wyoming last night. so this weekend i will have a car.

it's a late-80's white honda accord with rust on it.
it probably smells like old ladies.
and i think that it will be the most beautiful and special car in the world.