i'm hot blooded, check it and see

i'm sick.
i'm like, sick sick.
like a chilled aching feverish mass on the couch sick.
everything hurts even your skin sick.

that's the worst, you know. when you put on your most comfortable clothes and it still hurts your skin. how can a five year old well-worn hoodie feel like sandpaper on raw nerves anyway.

i was really delerious yesterday, i went to work and school anyway and then coming home i was walking down the street thinking 'weird isn't the bus stop usually here?' and i kept walking then realized i was on the WRONG DAMN STREET. i said something in class and everyone looked at me like 'umm. what?' and i was like 'yeah i know.' then i got home and had a 101 fever and i was like no wonder.

this is what we in the business like to call bad timing.
(i'm not sure what business, it just sounded good.)

i didn't do my school list last night but i have this idea that i will do it today after i go do this thing that i have to do, loathe as i am to leave home, and which i will tell you about later 'cause it's pretty cool. then tomorrow i make a focus statement for each school on the list, including all requirements, dates, and names of projects and professors. i already know some of this. and work on sop. then friday i finish sop draft as much as i can and email all that stuff to all potential and actual recommenders.

yeah. i think i can do it if i stop being sick.