this is a zombie-ocracy

"goddamnit, mom! if i had told you two weeks ago that one night people would spontaneously turn into zombies and half the population would get eaten and we would end up living in a house with the hogans and george bush you wouldn't have believed me then, either!!"

in my dream i was attempting to convince george bush (my roommate, apparently) that he should get people to start figuring out what we would do when the "manufactured food supply" ran out and the "power grid lost its power." one of his cronies said "she does have a point, it can take awhile to power up the grill. i mean the grid."

this was about a week after the first people turned into zombies and the world was madness. i had almost been eaten the first night but had craftily avoided them, escaped the house, jumped a fence, and found some bushes to hide in. the zombies were vicious but not bright...as long as they couldn't see you, you were pretty safe. they were slow, too. anyway there i met a girl with a purple shirt who was also on her own and we decided to pair up. she was smoking two clove cigarettes at the same time and she offered me one. she never appeared in the dream again though and somehow i ended up back with my family (and hogans and george bush). i hope clove girl didn't get eaten.

anyway, george kept saying that it was "unthinkable" that we would run out of food or power (i remember i was worried about the internet, too, but only because then how would we look up information about survivalist skills. i was pretty sure george wasn't gonna be a lot of help on that front, and my printer was low on toner. everyone was kind of backing him up and so i loudly pointed out the obvious, the above.

everyone got all nervous 'cause i was yelling at george w bush and i screamed:
"this is not a democracy anymore! this is a zombie-ocracy! there is no law! WHOSE BAD DREAM AM I STUCK IN!!!"