this morning i had just talked it through and decided this: until i know him better, until and unless more parts of him open up to me, i am going to background this thing, crush, feeling, whatever. because she had asked me to describe things i want in a person and i realized that i didn't know some of the important stuff about him.

timing continues to smack me upside the head and laugh mercilessly.
every damn time i think i've got it all figured out.

when he dropped me off just now i said "thanks for telling me all of that." he said "yeah, it was interesting. i'm just not sure what to make of it." i said "what to make of what you told me? or what i told you?" and he said all of it.

i said "maybe just don't make anything of it." hopefully he doesn't think i meant that it wasn't anything. it certainly was something. i just don't know what and i don't think it's really something that can be figured.

but he pays attention, you know? he asks. and he remembers everything too.

also when we got into his car he knew to hand me the jewel case for the cd that was playing, just as i was about to ask what it was.