look at my boobs

i have this tshirt that i call my "look at my boobs shirt".
and the name is well-deserved.

it's from a mountain goats show i went to a couple of years ago and it has this big syringe right across the boobs, horizontally. wait, i'll see if i can find an image for you...

nah i couldn't find one. i did find this interesting site that is tangentially related to the record though, you can poke through it if you're bored.

well anyway, the tshirt is brown and has a syringe right on the boobs and a bunch of ampules above it. then some text below. anyway, it's for the "we shall all be healed" record which isn't my favorite darnielle by far, but even average darnielle is light years above most of the other stuff out there.

but when i wear the shirt everyone looks at my boobs. i mean i'm not trying to be all "yeah people check me out" 'cause it's not like that...it's just the design of this tshirt doesn't leave much alternative. which i think is funny and i take a bit of sadistic delight because there is one very typical guy reaction where they look right at your boobs and then rightaway realize they're looking right at your boobs and they immediately look up and away and try to pretend they never looked at your boobs in the first place.

sometimes if i'm talking to someone for awhile when i'm wearing that shirt i notice their eyes keep getting drawn back to the syringe and i kind of want to be like "hi i'm up here." not because it bothers me that they're looking at my boobs...it doesn't. just because i sometimes want to make people squirm, a little.