come on barbie let's go party

one of the great things about having such fucking amazing friends is that when you're like "omg david is going out with someone else" they're like "oh fuck, okay, what are you doing tonight." so suddenly you're busy every night seeing your friends and they're like okay yeah he's an idiot but seriously you're better off and you're like i know, i know. and they're like hey maybe we could be roommates and you're like hmm, intriguing. and they're like let's order the pear cranberry crumble with cardamom ice cream and 20 year tawny port and you're like fuckyeah now you're talkin' girlfriend.

but back to the case at hand, amy (hereinafter the PLAINTIFF) vs. all the other people in the world (the DEFENDANTS) in the matter of who has the most hilarious friends. the plaintiff respectfully offers to the court as exhibit a the following evidence of a recent night of hijinks (photos courtesy of the h&h collective):

this girl is straight.
no, really.

"just because."

still life with ginger margaritas, lottery scratchers, and debauched barbie.
as seen by the fearsome blazing countenance of god.