yesterday i woke up at 8am and i walked to the dmv to renew my expired driver's license. the dmv is so interesting, the great equalizer. beautiful people and unwashed masses sitting side by side, united as victims of beaurocracy. (digression: i typoed that as 'beaurocrazy' which i love, but which my inner editor forced me to correct.) then i allowed myself to be dragged out briefly for coffee but when i got home went into high gear and spent the entire rest of the day reading phonology and historical, installing neoOffice with ipa fonts and keyboard manager, and getting the airport express all sorted. cleaning floors and dusting and filing and shredding a year and a half worth of receipts old bank statements and power bills, etc. i organized my closet and put together a bag of giveaway stuff. i called my dad to say happy birthday.

today i woke up at 7.30 and made eggs and toast. i wrote some emails and looked some stuff online, then i allowed myself to be dragged out for coffee again, by another friend. i was hoping for the high gear upon returning home again but no...i am desultorily walking around my (now very clean and brightlovely) home, with airtunes on random play. i should be at the library researching dravidian languages, i should be working on the work i brought home. god i really should be reading that journal of lexicography issue on the framenet database (the research deal is working out, i met with charles fillmore this week and i called him chuck, how hilariously awesome is that? like meeting einstein and being all "yo al, whasup?"). instead all i really want to do is put my pajamas back on and spend the day watching something worthless on television, drinking tea.

the whole point of this boring "what i did today" stuff is to background the following questions:

why is it always everything or nothing?
why do we so strongly resist what we know we need the most?

mmm, gastr del sol, "each dream is an example" begins to play.
this must mean it's time to do.