state of the midwest

thunderstorm teasers today. huge gusts of wind spattering rain into the windows and blowing the deck furniture around. a couple of small, faraway rumblings. once, maybe, a little flash, out of the corner of my eye. i have high hopes for tomorrow at the lake.

tonight we went out to dinner for my mom's birthday and the waiter/owner of the place refused to serve me alcohol. i swear to god. i told him i'd left my wallet at home and he was like "i'm sorry, i just can't do it. you look about 18, i would get fined thousands of dollars if you aren't 21."

dude...it's my mom's 60th birthday, do the math.

whatever, i didn't really care, but it was funny. i get carded now and then, and i always suspect they're just trying to be charming and flattering but this guy was belligerent and grumpy, he just really thought i might be underage.

i wonder how many 18 year olds come in and order bottles of barbaresco for their parents, though.