almost home

rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.

i am well here in the land of white and cold (less white and less cold than usual for this time of year). i've been here for almost two weeks and tomorrow i leave for the OC and my first national linguistics conference. i am so excited, my only annoyance is that too many awesome talks happen at the same time, and i have to choose between On the syntax of exhaustive control & the calculus of events control on the one hand, and Usage or grammar? Comprehension & production share access to same probabilities on the other. how is one even supposed to choose? yeah you know what i'm saying.

it has been interesting to be here this time because i am more disengaged from the whole relationships tangle than i have been in years. so i'm really HERE in a very comfortable way and the two weeks have passed so quickly. most days i haven't felt like turning on the computer at all, and when i did it was usually just my laptop (no wireless here) to noodle around with perl.

yes, i am drifting back toward my nerdish roots. i never used it that much before, but this week as i worked on a large spreadsheet for my research job i thought "i could do this much more easily with perl." so i went and bought the camel book and then realized that perl was originally designed by a linguist. for the last few days i've been having a little affair with my camel book, we sneak off whenever we can for a little intellectual nookie. you can take the girl out of programming...

so. now to anaheim for a few more days of brainy goodness. when i get back to oaktown (represent!) i want to reflect a little on the experiences of my first semester of grad school and what i learned, and i want to set some intentions for the new year. but through sunday i'm happy to say that i will be thinking of little other than linguistics and linguists, flooding all the corners of my rested mind with tasty facts for hours and hours on end. yum.

now my dear mother wants us to go pick up dinner. burritos. "the most fantastic burrito you've ever had," she says. i didn't have the heart to remind her that i come from burrito nirvana, where one's taqueria preference is more a matter of religious identity than whim. oh cancun, cancun, why have you forsaken me? fire up the grill, i'm almost home.