fourth person

when i was a kid we spent summers at the lake and i remember i would go out into the woods with my friend and we would dig holes that seemed really big at the time but probably weren't that big at all. but we would lay these long flimsy grasses or branches across them in a lattice and then cover the whole thing up with leaves and mosses to look like the forest floor. we always fantasized that someone would walk by and walk over our covered up hole and fall inside. i can't remember whether anyone actually did or not, but in our minds they did and we laughed and laughed.

sometimes i think all of this is just grasses and leaves spread too thinly over a hole. all it takes is a footstep or even a breath of air and i go crashing through. how difficult it is to really fill the damn thing up, once it's dug. maybe impossible. maybe someone out there is laughing.