i couldn't have scripted it better

we revisited the issue of a housesitter in our meeting tonight and i stayed with my earlier position: i don't like it. i think it only buys us marginal security, if any, and it feels like an invasion of privacy to have someone i don't know living in my house on their own. i realize many people feel otherwise, and that's fine. i argued that the reality is that people snoop through other people's stuff, they just do. even people who don't seem evil or crazy, they do that. and for whatever reason, i'm private about my space and my stuff. it might not be rational but it's how i feel. blah blah blah, we didn't come to a resolution so much as an action plan, but that's fine. there wasn't going to be a perfect solution to this one.

but a perfect moment did come, shortly after the meeting adjourned. earlier in the evening the power had gone out downstairs and the maintenance person had to come here to let us into the basement (which is used as storage by our landlords) to reset the fuse. because the maintenance guy doesn't want to have to come out here constantly all winter, and because the landlords won't let him give us a key, he taught my housemate how to pick the lock. so...back to the story in progress, the meeting adjourns, my roommate stands up and says in full seriousness "hey, does anyone want to go downstairs with me and look through the landlords' stuff?"


he didn't understand why we were laughing so we explained that he had just proved my point that people aren't always good about respecting each other's privacy. and i couldn't resist the mildest "see? that's what i'm saying."