state of the state

dear internet,

i am returned from minnesota. i don't think i told you that i was going, but there you have it. i brought back a few birthday gifts, a sunburn, and a flushness of gratitude for both my amazing family and for my home now, the bay area, which i love for being almost nothing like minnesota.

this morning i was awakened shortly before 6a by an earthquake. only 2.9 but centered near berkeley, so it shook my bed and rattled my window. for a second i thought there was someone in my room pushing my bed down and so i woke up a little scared, and the adrenaline did not want me to go back to sleep right away. i went to the bathroom and catherine was awake also. the earthquake reminded her that she needed to do her taxes.

so i'm taking this opportunity to tell you that what's on my mind is new guy. who describes himself as a "mildly dominant bookworm" and says that we have a "seriously degenerate ability to turn each other on". this turning on of one another remains largely at distance, effected by use of the insidious yahoo messenger, and so the question remains: how will two highly cerebral and self-contained people break through these early barriers?

the last one i knew so well that the answer was an easy "are you coming to bed?" the one before that grabbed me on a windy san francisco rooftop one night. this one, i don't know how or if it will happen, part of me thinks it will remain a literary exercise, a thought experiment.

it's fun to have naughty conversations with someone. but somewhere along the line i became a person of action, and i think the words won't work for me for very much longer.

thanks for listening, internet.
i think i will go back to sleep now.