today my horoscope said this:

"Every day matters, but today could be especially pivotal. You're reaching a critical point in both your personal life and your public life. In your personal life, the people you are missing most are waiting for you to make the next move -- so don't let your pride or fear of rejection keep you from putting your best foot forward and getting things started or moved into a new direction."

and i was like damn you horoscope.
i know what i have to do now.

so i was like hi and he was like hi. and i was like how are you? and he's like alright, you? and i'm all do you want to get a drink with me after work this week?

and he's like "sure do."

anyway then i'm like blah blah blah and he goes blahblah blah blahdeblah and i'm like blah? blahblah and he's all blah!

and then he's like "let's make a plan. which day do you prefer? we'll get food. hang out. drink. whatever you want."

and i'm like lalala.

and then i told him some things about old english orthography.
because the john hughes teen angst gets kinda old.