an early reflection

it's good to live with these people. after a really frustrating day i like coming home. the law student is back from her summer away and she has taken up residence on the guest futon. the unknown quantity is just returned from vancouver. last night i came home and found cosmic and the enigma (who is less enigmatic these days) rearranging furniture in the living room so i went in to help. it went a little long but now the room is beautiful and opened up, huge windows with christmas lights framing them. it's a place that feels good to be, it's one more part of the house to settle into.

tonight i went grocery shopping and returned with cherries plums melon apples eggplant squash mushrooms potatoes yogurt tofu dried beans and multigrain cereal. hippie commune food, you say? fine, i like hippie commune food. and after an hour of sitting in the kitchen laughing over something someone found in the back of a drawer and hearing about everyone's day and eating vegan stew and fresh fruit, i felt sort of human again. i felt sort of alive again. and i'm looking forward to being able to spend more time hanging around home.

my plant is doing very well too.