more notes from the im log

i asked my friend will how guys act when they like a girl.

will: they look at them out of the corner of their eyes with pursed (not puckered) lips and wistful expressions.
will: with some guys, that's the _only_ tell.
amy: hmmm
amy: i have never known a guy who did that
amy: i think you're making it up
will: maybe you can't tell, period.
will: how would one know if a girl likes him?
will: maybe she's flustered because she thinks he's creepy.
will: i'm pretty useless, huh?
amy: yes
amy: sigh.
will: o no.
will: what.
amy: i need a crystal ball
amy: i hate when things are unknowable
will: so does bush.
amy: yeah but THIS IS IMPORTANT


amy: well when you get back we can hang out & i can tell you everything he ever said to me & how he said it & what his tone of voice and body language was like and what his facial expressions were like and then you can tell me what it all means
amy: it'll be the funnest
will: you mean i'll have the privilege of misleading you in all kinds of ways by providing specious advice?
will: sure thing.
amy: yeah
amy: but it's okay, i won't listen to a word you say anyway


will: do you know how to simper at guys, amy?
amy: no
will: hm.
will: well me neither.
will: but it might be useful for you.
amy: i have highly negative associations with that word
will: well don't knock it until you've tried it.
amy: you give the worst advice
will: lol
amy: but you're still awesome


will: i think you make doey eyes better than you think.
will: you should try that too.
amy: i can't do it purposefully
amy: if it happens it's cause i'm feeling it
will: that's good enof.
amy: why, did you see the doey eyes before?
will: no but you're earnest like that.
amy: maybe i can just drag him into the server closet
amy: that has a certain i-know-not-what
amy: comme elle dites en francais
will: you mean it has a certain quality of criminal assault?
amy: only if he doesn't like it!
will: right.