perfect day

what a perfect perfect day.

after the "why the hell is heather calling me at goddamn 8.30 am" that is.
(it was actually 9.30 and i think they really need to start a plan of emailing everyone in the world (time zone) before they go and do something like change the TIME on you. i mean, who do they think they are? and...like...who ARE they anyway?)

but then h&k&i had quality time brunching in the inner richmond and walking into the park to the conservatory of flowers where they have a butterfly exhibit and karen knows lots about orchids and i became interested in taxonomy and now i want to find what linnaeus wrote. and then we went to green apple and stayed there way too long and i got eight books by darwin barthes pinker chomsky whorf einstein etc. and a screamin' jay hawkins record. and this random guy introduced himself and asked for my email and that was nice. and then h&k&i left and had lunch and took k home and met a.s at the gym.

and then a.s and i went to the grocery store and i came home and ate eggplant parmesan and now it's late warm and nice here with okkervil river and pretty candles, books piled everywhere and daffodils that are just about to open.

maybe this is boring but it really was a perfect day.