dear internet,

i never know what to say to you these days.
have we grown apart?
is it just a phase?



i want my new blog to be here 'cause i keep coming across songs i want to put on it.
but webthings don't develop themselves, strangely enough.

this was spring break week and i had such grand plans, i was going to achieve total world domination for starters. but it turned out to be pretty much like any other week.

pretty much like any other week meant work, laundry, reading interesting things, watching a movie, nice things in the mail, and going to the gym. i even ran outside one sunshiny morning. an unplanned oyster&champagne dinner in the city while waiting out the bart outage. and dinner club last night, 19 friends went for shabu-shabu. i'm not complaining. not at all.

i have to start contacting schools to say "no thank you" and it makes me want to hide.