chestnut street

today this girl said to me "i really only try new things so that i can say i've done them." she was specifically talking about having taken trapeze lessons.

i said: uh-huh.
i thought: that's the most retarded thing i've ever heard in my life ever.

why would anyone do something they didn't care about, at least a little, on some level? it just made me a little sad actually, because it seems to typify this sort of glib clever-clever attitude that is too common among people in my demographic. ironically nonchalant and with a quick blase comment to fill up any quiet moment. you expect this kind of person to be wearing a shirt that says "i'm blogging this".

we're becoming observers and reporters, not experiencers.
there is a difference between reflection and recounting.
don't you see?

earlier i had gotten impatient with karen when she had to stop in the middle of our run to pick up a snail from the path ("he might get stepped on" she said) but then i thought what a simple and beautiful action that was...probably the most vital thing i've seen anyone do in days.