an adventurer is me

i just realized my plane doesn't leave until noon which of course gave me license to not pack at all tonight. instead i spent my evening beating up on yetis.

yes i said beating up on yetis. i mean, they're the most lucrative kill for sure. i have a 22 pound leprechaun familiar, so if i use the "polka of plenty" buff on myself i get like 500 meat per kill! plus i usually get a yeti fur which i can sell in my store in the mall, too. at that rate it doesn't take long to save up enough to buy enough lucky surprise eggs and white canadians to last for the duration of my trip. see i already beat the naughty sorceress and so now i am just trying to collect a few items and finish a couple of trophies before i ascend...because...

in a parallel universe i am squinch, level 13 accordion thief.
you can feel free to go lie down for a minute if you're feeling faint in the face of my power and glory. it's okay.
i understand.

but i wonder how cornell would respond if i asked to postpone my trip because it comes at a REALLY inconvenient time vis-a-vis my kingdom of loathing ascension.