full of wist

all i really seem to want to do lately is post poems or song lyrics but that's cheating. and really i do like writing for you but when i've drifted a little further out it can get hard to collect the threads into something meaningful, something makeable.

yesterday karen and i went walking on baker beach collecting rocks and sea glass. i wish i were there now. life is good and all but today i went to class then worked then went shopping and bought a pair of gray pants for my trip. [digression: one of the words i hate is 'slacks'. once someone asked me what do you want to call them then? to distinguish them from just regular pants which could be anything, jeans, whatever. i said 'fancy pants' would be fine.]

buying fancy pants is okay but i'd rather be out running from waves and looking at pretty things.

also: isn't it strange how a new pair of pants can make one feel suddenly in control of a situation? maybe it doesn't really matter that i don't know anyone there and that i don't even know where i'm staying or how i'll get from place to place or what the heck i'm gonna say to these people...

it's all under control.
i have the right pants.