to the extreme i rock a mic like a vandal

i've had my hopes up before but they've always been dashed. it's a cruel and tricky game and i had given up my hopes of ever being a winner. i cashed in my chips, i stopped buying the lotto tickets. i was sure i'd never find it, that thing we all long for deep down in our squishy palpating little hearts:

someone who knows all the words to ice ice baby.

bri not only knows all the words but had signed up to karaoke it and was like do you wanna do it with me? are you in? so i was like yeah i'm in and he was like i have to warn you, i'm pretty good.

later on outside he's like wow i never thought i'd meet anyone as good at ice ice baby as me. (even though i think he actually is a little better than me, just a little. but i'd never admit it. it's just between you & me & the dope melody. shhhh.)

all right, stop. collaborate and listen.

you didn't know i had hidden karaoke talents, did you?
you are so jealous right now, i can tell.
don't even pretend you're not. i'll wax you like a candle.