in which i disturb myself

i'm really starting to see the allure of smart drugs.
or at least awake drugs.

status: good progress on the term paper, finally. finished a major section at 3am. as usual, success and sleep appear to be mutually exclusive.

monday - work, study w/ k
tuesday - work, icsi meeting, production exam
wednesday - icsi, company holiday party
thursday - work. paper due. mail all apps. (hahaha yeah right)

not that you need or care to know my schedule. it's just that i've reached that stressy pinnacle where i can't stop repeating over and over what i need to get done. i run through it in a litany in my head and so even if i wanted to sleep more i can't because at the first glint of consciousness the list begins to recite itself and i'm like oh my god i have to get up now.

friday - become puddly mass of goo on living room floor

but no, wait, there's more!
finals next week.

HAHAHAHAHA we're all mad here i'm mad you're mad...