state of the state

dear internet,

i am exhausted but exhilarated. i'm achey but alive. i'm...oh god, i'm sounding like an alanis morissette song. i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i swear it'll never happen again. i'll get help. it'll be different this time, you'll see.

i turned in a big project today, it contains months of work and worry. for awhile there i was so frustrated because i was working so hard on everything and there wasn't any movement. now it's all movement, now i'm just trying to hang on.

i'm going out tomorrow night to a gay karaoke bar with my friends (that's gay as in homosexual, not gay as in the generically disparaging adjective all the kidz are using these days for some strange reason. call me the pc police but i don't much like the latter sense)
and i'm going to make an ass of myself.
and i'm going to love every second.

and soon i promise to properly introduce you to my car.
which now has a brilliant name.

sleep tight,