a crush story

i have a wicked crush you guys.
it's on my coworker mike.
i've had it for a while now.

at first i didn't get it i was like eh, that guy, whatever. then one day i was like...hiiiii. but yeah i've learned my lesson about coworkers so it will always be just a crush.

anyway tonight was the holiday (festivus for the rest of us?) party and my DATE aka oneofmybestfriends karen, she called him hot mike. and headbutted him. in the chest.
hahahaha my friends are so weird i love it.
when your date is hitting on your work crush you know you're not in kansas anymore.

but isn't it great to have a crush?
and you're there and he comes to say hello and you get shy and don't really know what to say and so you start talking about...kinds of wine? and the whole time you're like oh my god shut up this is so boring who wants to talk about kinds of wine? but he's starting to tell you how the EU and the US have agreed to call certain wines the same thing and you're like oh REALLY? that's so INTERESTING. then thankgod someone walks up and says something else.

crushes are like that. awkward and embarrassing and vital.

and in a week when my state killed a person, a real living breathing person like you or you or you, just a person. who's now dead. in that week when they killed someone to show other people that killing people is wrong, it's good to have a crush. it doesn't erase the bad, but a little vitality always helps.

i have lots of crushes.
someday i'll fall in love again cj says, but for now i'm happy just being crushy.

perhaps i have a crush on you.
what do you think of that?