smooth like jelly

we went to three parties, we three jellyfish and a bird. i guess people liked our costumes, they sure yelled a lot, especially at the last party where we didn't even know anybody. it was good because earlier as we were just leaving to go out we all felt a little "special" (in the olympics sense) in our bubblewrap costumes. but it went over well, and i may reprise it next year with a bit more forethought.

i was feeling a little sad, unsocial and disconnected which was unfortunate because there were lots of awesome and interesting and even attractive people i probably would have wanted to talk to more if i had been the "on" version of myself. but oh well, if you're not feeling it you're not feeling it.

the good part about that was that i could stay in my costume and it was a total shield from the world. guaranteed personal space, very isolated and peaceful in there. except for when a guy who came as "red" got in there with me. he went as red dressed all in red, red face paint, hair, shoes, clothes, everything. his roommates went as green and blue in similar fashion. together they were a pixel.

but red came into my little private jellyfish world and it was strange. he was like "it's a beautiful costume, i'm glad to be in here" and i was like "thanks" but i really felt a bit encroached upon. so i tried to just ignore him, which isn't easy to do when someone is inside your halloween costume with you, when the bounds of the costume are defined by the edge of an umbrella which is 3' in diameter. i looked off to the right over my shoulder and then after a little bit he just left.

and then it was peaceful again.