in a desperate bid to do something, anything, other than study for my midterm tomorrow (avoidance being a really bad idea, by the way, as i need basically a perfect score in order to justify the ultimate act of hubris i am going to commit next week), but realizing i shouldn't really be spending time on other things right now, i offer you the following auto-summaries of some of my recent posts. courtesy of ms word 2004 for the mac. n.b.: i never use word, i use neo office, but that doesn't have autosummary so there you go. it's all for the sake of the internet, man. the common good. my ART.

just think of this like a holiday special on a weekly sitcom where the whole gang gets together at someone's house or maybe a diner, and there's soft warm lighting everywhere and they all reminisce about the wonderful and zany events of the past year or whatever, and you see little clips pasted together from all the shows so that nobody had to do any REAL WORK AT ALL.

so yeah. on with the rehash.


sidestep / amoroso

'hey building, you lookin' fiiiiine today. posted by amy at 7:02 PM Comments (2) | Trackback (0)


smooth like jelly

i guess people liked our costumes, they sure yelled a lot, especially at the last party where we didn't even know anybody. posted by amy at 4:08 PM Comment (0) | Trackback (0)


parties tonight. just stop.

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pointless observations, random thoughts
i hate it when people spell 'come' as 'cum'. if you ARE in the mood it can be very hot, but it's all about the mood and the attitude. when i clean i play the pixies, usually doolittle, so doolittle is playing now. i still love the pixies. 1. save the dirty talk for when the mood is hot
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