she loves it when i talk ipa

tonight my good friend said something to another good friend which i overheard and for some reason i found a little funny, i can't even remember why. but i punctuated my findings with a 'kkkkhhhhh' noise. the first friend was like why are you sssshhhh'ing me, what's that? i was like i wasn't sshh'ing you. she's like then what was that noise?

and i said: "it was a voiceless velar fricative."

i've been out the last two nights seeing the beloved olivias at the beloved gamh and i have my first historical ling homework due tomorrow and it kinda has to be totally brilliant since i'm trying to convince the guy to let me in his class. and i'm not done yet and the class is at 9a so tell me, wtf am i doing typing in here?