this machine eats people

saw the decemberists tonight and they were delightful as always but god i fucking hate HATE the fillmore. first you can never park nearby then they want to pat you down when you go inside like it's the west wing or something, they even pat down the hood of your hoodie did you know that? the guy is all i have to check your hoodie and i'm like that's ridiculous. OH I HOPE YOU DON'T FIND THE GAT I HAVE SQUIRRELED AWAY IN MY HOODIE.

then you go inside and it's this big drafty barn of a room. okay the purple chandeliers are cool but that's it. it's packed and the crowd is always fucking amateur night, all bumping into you and whatever. fucking talking in your ear while the BAND IS PLAYING, HELLO! and then the absolute worst part is when its over and people stand around like stupid sheep bottlenecking the two small exits at the back. it takes forever to get out of there, you just stand there and stand there, stymied by a wall of humanity.

fucking fillmore. clearchannel owned motherfuckers.
so yeah, i have pms, you can't tell can you.