fargo, nd. wireless.

hi friends. i'm comin' at you live and unplugged from the lovely and scenic hector international airport in fargo, nd. amazingly enough they have free wireless.

ohmygod i can't wait to be home. leaving later than i was supposed to (fuck you very much northwest..though i shouldn't complain too much i suppose as the planes are still going even with the mechanics' strike) and i won't even get to sfo until 11.30 and the last bart train is at 11.50 and i have checked luggage and arrrrgh. i will be cranky in the morning, but no matter, i will be home home home.

9 days is a long time to spend in the land of yellow ribbons & american flags.

i had full-body patdowns both directions.
so i figure i must be doing something right.

on the upside and in the i-think-it-will-happen department...i'm getting a free car. well, one of two cars. they're both old with lots of miles but still in pretty good shape, and, y'know, free. and possibly possibly one might even be driven out to me. i do love my crazy family.

also i got to drive really fast across mn lakecountry at night with a swollenhuge pumpkin harvest moon hanging low, just listening to mission of burma so loud i couldn't hear anything else but tremolo, there wasn't even anything else anywhere anyhow.

what else do i need to say to you wirelessly from fargo?
1. i got a cryptic email from the ex today but it was more annoying than painful tugging. still a bit of ouch and more than a bit of tug though which tells me do-not-respond.
2. mom packed me 1.5 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a bag of craisins for the flight.
3. i started making a mix cd but it needs some work because after listening to it even i felt aurally assaulted.
4. if i can read a good bit of the johnson book by the time i leave msp then i will watch velvet goldmine on the msp-sfo flight.
5. they are starting preboarding now.

my friends back home are colliding in unholy ways.
hi my name is amy and i want to go home.