news from the southern front

i was shushed in class today by a fellow student, who happens to also be a fairly distinguished faculty member from oxford. for some reason i am pleased by this.

i'm starting to regain my grip on the fact that i actually do have to work, and can't walk around in a dopey new relationthing (i got weirded out one day saying the word 'relationship' and so i changed it midstream, but i think i like 'relationthing'. i think i'll keep it) haze all the time. the haze is there, don't get me wrong, but i'm remembering to turn it down and sink myself into framework architecture, metrical scansion, game theory, and multidimensional semantics. can't let the ol' brainy brain get dulled by satiety, you know.

yeah, this is a good month.

it feels like quite a long time since i've been somebody's girlfriend.
i think i am a little rusty.