oh shit. shit shit shit shit shit.

meeting with advisor brings on (project-level) crisis of faith.
news at 11.

i have a raging headache, i hate (some of) my (soon-to-be-ex) housemates. i'm totally nonfunctional because most of my stuff is in boxes and my room has that familiar smell of cardboard and tape. i always forget that tape has a smell, until i move.

and i have a ridiculous amount of work that i've heaped on myself, for no apparent reason. well, none other than that it will be vital for my long-term success, i suppose. but still. i didn't really have to start all this now. why do i always think i have to be ahead of the game? why isn't good enough good enough?

why can't i just move to my new apartment and hang out there for a few weeks just doing nothing but unpacking and listening to music and drinking chilled lillet blanc like a normal student in the summer? why??