a week of turing machines, cults of personality, points of connection, dead languages, cognitive constraints on action, and random moments here and there with new friends. i saw famous people lay out their ideas and be challenged by undergraduates.

beautiful chaos: it's the new same-old-same-old.

i had research ideas and reading groups and meetings and meetings. i got a new helmet and rode my bicycle. i went to a potluck and an art opening. i ate a lot of cheese. membrillo party tonight. "get well fidel" cuban-themed party tomorrow night. it's not that i don't enjoy the social stuff, it's just that in a way i wish i could stay home tonight and study. or watch a movie. or sleep. but also it's part of the whole experience and i want the whole experience and anyway, quince paste is delicious.

but first, i think, a short nap.