i'm going to start charging you a "blogtime remuneration fee"

this month i discovered that my cell phone bill was a bit higher than usual so i went to investigate the "usage charges". did you know that cingular charges $1.50 per directory assistance call? a buck fitty!! that's an egg&cheese bagel at lee's!

also, have you read the list of their fees? many of them are very defensively titled: "federal universal service charge," "state public utility surcharge" (read: it's not our fault you have to pay this).

then there is the mysterious "regulatory cost recovery charge." now, i'd really like to know what a "regulatory cost recovery charge" is. because to me it sounds basically like a "fee fee." a "we want even more of the meager dineros you earned at your soulkilling deskjob gratuity," if you will.

but it's okay because who needs directory assistance, anyway, when i have such helpful friends:

amy: where do you suppose i might be able to buy rabbit ears for a television?
amy: or whatever the modern analogue is
will: haha.
will: i have no clue.
will: ebay?
amy: you don't think like radio shack or something?
will: sure.
amy: best buy maybe?
will: dunno.
amy: i'd just like to be able to get network tv
amy: which should be possible
amy: i'm not gonna get cable service at the new place
will: ok.
amy: but when i turn my tv on it's all "please connect the antenna first"
will: i see.
amy: well thanks for your help
amy: you've been invaluable
will: no prob.

now, if you'll excuse me, i have to go to the bathroom.
i hope cingular doesn't charge me a "mandatory municipal elimination charge" for that.