my new roommates


1. cosmic lovechild. she studies consciousness at a school for integral studies and does web design. she fights species extinction, she has a cat, she wears skirts over her jeans. an impossibly cute, impossibly high-energy little pixie wisp of a thing. i can't tell if she knows that she's beautiful or not. one of the baby birds. crazy, but loveable.

2. mama bird. dating a manipulative guy with anger issues who lives in chicago. socially responsible financial investor by day, bisexual polyamorous pagan in her off hours. smart, funny, interesting, really cute. my ally in the fight for bathroom liberation from disgustingness. crazy, but hides it well.

3. unknown quantity. i've only spoken to her once, and she's been out of town on a meditation retreat since i moved in. she is from canada, though, which bodes well. possibly crazy, i'm not sure yet.


4. lord of the dance. he's not of legal drinking age, and he moved to the bay area for capoeira. it was his greatest love until he met his girlfriend, who will be leaving for college next month. last weekend they were supposed to have sex for the first time (she is a virgin) but he accidentally got "extended pleasure" condoms. they are called extended pleasure apparently because they contain benzocaine, a topical anesthetic. his little soldier went numb and that was the end of that. one of the baby birds. crazy frustrated.

5. the enigma (summer subletter, will leave when the law student returns). studies literature, in the bay area for the summer to work on a film. likes computer games, exercising, and bondage apparently. eats an incredible amount of food. crazy in that way that someone might say about him one day "but he seemed so quiet..."

6. the short-timer. about to move into sf where he will be going back to school for his teaching credential. doesn't say a lot, except to cosmic lovechild. never around. might be crazy, but that's irrelevant for our purposes.