new home

so i may have gone a bit overboard on the "turkish flea market" characterization the other day. it's funny how much better a place feels once there are familiar things around you. i told dre yesterday "home is where your stuff is." i guess that's fine, as long as your stuff is fairly portable (or you are fairly stationary, which i am not at present).

woah someone just drove by outside rocking the sir mix-a-lot, i'm having a high school flashback, hang on...

okay, so. right now "home" is a second floor room in a north oakland co-op. this room is big and atticky, with two side walls that rise straight up from the floor about 2.5' and then begin to slant inwards, meeting in a high point over the centerline of the room. home is made of corners and triangles, i like it. the room is divided into areas so one nookish corner has my bed, the bigger area has couch & coffee table & tv (i don't plan to get cable but i can't give up my dvd habit), and there is another nook for desk/bookshelves/study area, and a big walk-in closet.

number of friends who helped me move:

their compensation:
bagels and cream cheese and everlasting looooove, baby

first home repair project:
install new curtain rod and curtains (completed last night)

second home repair project:
swap the doorknob & latch/lock mechanisms between the main room door and the closet door, so that the main room door will latch & stay shut (completed this morning)

how much i love my leatherman:
so much

number of times i have bonked my head on the slanting walls: