postcard from the construction site

a.s came over and instead of packing i was like "try this lip color. okay now try this eyeshadow. okay now let me put eyeliner on you." bossy bossy me. and then i made her take a bunch of stuff away with her. less for me to move. if you want free stuff, just come hang out with me this week. yeah.

right now i'd rather be painting my nails. k says that i become particularly girly when i like a guy. versus liking a girl, or not liking anyone, i guess. the crush has faded a lot as natural opportunities for conversation have been minimal to nonexistant and i'm not really into creating them. but the girliness persists. metallic green eyeshadow.

right now i am not finished packing and i have to move saturday morning and nobody at the co-op is returning my calls or emails and i don't have keys yet and i just realized that g's pickup truck is really not going to be sufficient and uhaul isn't answering their phone either and ACK.

and it will go how it goes.

and i don't fully want to fall for anyone anyhow.
i've got papers to grade.
i've got a world to build.