this is not my beautiful weekend

two lemon drops and one anchor steam should not leave me feeling like this the next morning. spread out over several hours, as they were. i meant to just go for one drink as usual but for my coworkers after-work drinks are serious business. they want you to stay, they pay for your drinks (i still can't figure out how i always get away with this and i feel vaguely guilty, but only vaguely). they pressure you but only when you actually want it, it seems. and i usually do. i enjoy being corrupted.

now i have a long weekend ahead of packing up everything i left in the old place last weekend (my god, was that just last weekend?) and figuring out what to do with it all. and cleaning the old apartment and the new bathroom (my nemesis, my bathroom) and then as a reward for all that hard labor i get to finish grading papers which i blew off for the last few nights because i am dumb.

okay, i need breakfast.
i need coffee.
i need to go.