apparently the same ridiculous part of my brain that said "hey it might be cool to go to start my life all over again and go to grad school" decided, at 4pm on this friday afternoon when i want to leave work a little early to get on the tahoe road, "hey it might be cool to upgrade my firefox version."

if you do this and you are like me and running a 3 year old version of redhat on your work machine, you will suddenly find yourself lost in a mazey wilderness of dependencies. you will find yourself configuring, making, and installing such classic hits as glib2.8.6, atk1.10.3, pongo1.10.3, and cairo1.0.2. good times.

i have a weird relationship with technology, i told will this morning.
i really hate doing this but i'm unable to stop until firefox is happy.

one thing i love about living in the bay area is that my hairstylist spent 1/2 hour yesterday telling me all about her band's recent tour with the thrill kill kult. and that my boss (an engineering manager) just got a movie deal for a graphic novel he wrote. a good friend quit her research job to pursue photojournalism and now has a rocking summer internship with the oakland tribune.

we haven't all ended up where we thought we'd be, but we're students, artists, astronomers, body piercers, and home repair specialists. we're geniuses. we're seekers.

it's not that i don't think there are people like this everywhere, but we seem to have a particularly high concentration of them here. we have a high signal-to-noise ratio.

another thing i love about living in the bay area is its proximity to tahoe.
where i am going for the weekend.
thereby missing a raging houseparty at hot ex-coworker's house tonight.

and so the universe and friends and stuff (and my boss that one night) have successfully conspired to head off the drunken makeout that threatened for awhile. i think this is good.

see you on the flip side