i keep it for good luck

this week i finally figured out what my mascot is. it's a yellow bird.

they mean a lot of different things. in tibet, they mean freedom. on this bright eyes record that i love love, they mean ... well, i think they mean the best part of yourself. the gift you have to give other people, that you have to take care of and keep safe so that you will continue to have it to give to other people.

to karen, they mean a person who you love but who makes you absolutely crazy.
(not me though. different yellow bird.)

so far i like having a mascot though i haven't done too much about it yet. i plan to figure out how to fold origami birds (not cranes but some kind of finch type bird) and i also plan to consider a pet yellow bird but i'm not sure i'm ready for the commitment of all that you know? but i think i will use this yellow bird picture on my new blog with the music blog which is still there, inchoate, it's coming along. i haven't forgotten.

maybe i should call it the brussels sprouts blog.
my readership (all three of you) might dwindle but these are the sacrifices we make for truth.

random rambling babbling rubberbanding.

two days of work this week and then off to ithaca.
i hope i'll get to write to you from the ivy leagues.

do you think i should get a berkeley hoodie to wear over there?