cu vi parolas esperanton?

hi internet. it's all good in the 'hood but i got a couple favors to ask.

first, send warm thoughts to my friend, her name is annie.

second, more important. if there's someone who things aren't right with...just think about calling. and telling them something, anything, even if it's hard. even if you're scared. even just say hello.

i know it's so cliche but maybe one day something will happen and then you won't be able to tell them anything anymore. how do you want to leave things?

i'm going to take my own advice and begin a letter to my own someone.

i'll send mine if you'll send yours.


the other night i went to godzilla's house.
heather & hans were there too.

so we watched this movie incubus which was awesomely awesome. it's about ... well something about a well and if you drink out of it you become beautiful or something? and it heals you too. so anyway it's in this town and because of the well apparently all these succubi live there. and they lure men down to the ocean and then push them underwater and step on their heads to kill them. it's pretty rad.

but the two coolest things, especially when taken together are:
1. it stars a young william shatner, who is a pure soul and who taints one of the succubi with an 'act of love' and so ultimately she has to fight against this stuffed goat head which is i guess supposed to represent satan so that she can renounce the powers of darkness;
2. it's entirely in esperanto.

and i'd like to point out that wiki describes esperanto as being 'morphologically intensely agglutinative'. which concept i tried to describe to some friends while they played katamari damacy one day.

see, this blog is highly educational.