reflections on adulthood

some things about being a grownup are good like you get to eat popcorn and a mango for dinner if you want to. you could even buy like four different kinds of candy from the store and have that for dinner but popcorn and a mango seems better. when you're a kid you just think you'd want to eat candy all the time but then it turns out that you really don't.

yesterday i got a plane ticket to fly to los angeles saturday morning and back here saturday evening. i haven't been to a funeral in like 12 years. because i'm only in la-la-land for about eight hours total i won't be able to stalk any of my favorite celebrities like philip seymour hoffman, parker posey, johnny depp, or willtheboy. sad. i don't think i like la too much but i haven't spent that much time there and someone told me i would dig the getty.

last february i also took a lastminute trip, i bought a ticket to nyc on wednesday and flew on friday. maybe it's a february thing. i decided i had to see the christo gates in central park before they disappeared forever. david asked me to call him; i called from the park on saturday and the top of the empire state building on sunday. that seemed cute and whimsical at the time but now i think i should've just saved myself the roaming charges. but i also saw the new moma, was in the general vicinity of potential criminal activity at a weird karaoke bar, and ate crab soup dumplings in chinatown and a bagel at h&h (no relation to the h&h made famous on the pages of this blog).

i wish i could go to nyc like right now.
and i wish i had another mango too.