the shape of things to come

things i'm going to do after i finish my grad school apps.

1. rent every single movie from the "filmed in sf" section at video room.
2. take my bitches to the monterey bay aquarium to see the jellyfish. yeah that's right, if you don't let me call you my bitch you can't come.
3. read proust.
4. make a new friend.
5. reinstate tuesday dinners.
6. make out with somebody in my car. perhaps my new friend! (see #4)
7. learn finnish, japanese, latin, arabic, basque, and a language with clicks.
8. ponder (and perhaps effect) a radical change in hair color.
9. be drunk often, and with someone who knows how.

i expect this manic-regressive phase to last about two weeks, but it just might be glorious.