when i started my summer class, i'd gone down to campus ahead of time to get my id card and buy all my books, and to find just the right notebook for class. i was nervous and i was parenting myself. i had my backpack all packed up and ready to go, including a lunch, the night before. i'd located the class building on the campus map, which i lovingly tucked into an inner pocket of my pack. the adult me told the kid me it's okay, this will be great, you'll see. but the kid me said no way, they'll all think i'm some weird old creepy person. (okay the parent/child analogy breaks down here.)

tomorrow, fall classes start. i have nothing to take notes on and i have no clue what books i will need. i don't even know what the process is for concurrent enrollment, which is the way that non-berkeley students can take classes at berkeley. my backpack hangs empty on a coatrack near the front door and the bus sticker on my id is outdated and i have no calnet id so i haven't even found out my summer grade yet. i don't know the location of tomorrow's class.

i'm still hungover, my sink is full of dirty dishes, i didn't sleep enough or well last night, and tonight i went out to see the late showing of march of the penguins with a couple of people from summer class.

in other words: i think i am officially a student again.